Taiwan travel experience: 10 things to do when you only have 02 days to travel to Taipei

Taiwan is known as the “beautiful island” with many interesting tourist attractions, showing both the natural beauty, traditional culture and the beauty of the most modern city in Asia.

As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei City has many places for tourists to stop to visit and learn about the country’s cultural traditions. If you are planning to travel to Taiwan, Taipei is a city not to be missed! Here are some extremely useful tips if you only have 02 days to travel to Taipei.

Things you should know before visiting Taipei

Although I firmly believe that Taipei is best explored within 4 – 6 days, if you have less time then you can also visit within 2 days because there is a public transportation network. great. If you are flying to Taipei, your landing point will arrive at Taoyuan International Airport (there is another small airport in the city center which is Tung Son airport).

When you land at the airport, you can buy a 3-day Taipei travel SIM card for about US $ 10. When you’re done with the customs, you turn right in the lobby and you’ll see a few different counters operated by different phone companies – all of them have similar prices and connections, because So just choose an empty counter.

The fastest and most effective way to reach Taipei from the airport and around the town is via the subway system , connected to the intercity rail system. Buses and taxis are also plentiful, safe, clean and very budget friendly, and Uber can be used anywhere in the city.

You can buy a Taipei 48-hour travel subway ticket for NTD280 (about US $ 9) that allows you to take as many subways as you want. There are many trips in many days, just ask the counter or refer to the image below!

Taipei is a large city but quite easy to walk if you have time; Although it is difficult to visit the entire city by foot, it is not difficult to travel from Taipei 101 to Ximending.

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The best area to stay in Taipei, Taiwan

There are many great accommodation options in Taipei – if you want to stay somewhere central, choose hotels in Xinyi, Da’an and Zhongzheng districts. You’ll be near most of the attractions in Taipei and these areas are well connected by the subway.

HD Palace Hotel : HD Palace Hotel is located in Da’an district. The room is clean and the room rate is extremely reasonable. If you like exploring the night market, visit the Tonghua night market. Click here to book your holiday at Hotel HD Palace!

Fullerton North: Fullerton North is located in Tung Son District and has recently been renovated. This hotel is perfect for those who prefer to stay in classic hotels. It is located near Raohe Night Market and Ciyou Temple. Click here to book your holiday at Fullerton North!

The Sherwood: The Sherwood is a high-class hotel located in the heart of Taipei, where parties like Ang Lee, Rafael Nadal and even Margaret Thatcher have been held. If you are looking for luxury and want a spacious room, gym and spa then book a room at this hotel. Click here to see current prices at The Sherwood!

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Top 10 things to do if you only have 2 days in Taipei

Only 2 to 3 days in Taipei? Here are the top places to add to your Taipei journey!

1. Panoramic view of the city from the observation deck in Taipei 101

The observation deck is one of the best places to get a 360-degree view across Taipei and is a must-see if you’re not too afraid of heights. The entrance is located on the 5th floor of Taipei 101 building: You will need to buy a ticket before entering the high-speed elevator that will take you to the 89th floor. You can also visit the building’s advanced shock absorbers to keep Let it stabilize during storms and earthquakes.

The observation deck is open from 9am to 10pm every day and you can buy tickets ahead of time – save 15% on tickets if you book here or click here to buy a priority card so you can skip through the queue!

2. Go to Elephant Mountain or Tiger Mountain

You’ll find the entrance to both Elephant Mountain and Tiger Mountain just 101 from Taipei. Both are great places to watch the sunset over Taipei and provide an easy walking trail that will take you up. peak in just 20-30 minutes. You should spray more repellent, as they often appear here at sunset.

3. Visit Raohe night market

This is my favorite part of working in Taipei. Taiwanese dishes are extremely unique and delicious, and you often don’t find high quality Taiwanese food anywhere else in the world. If you are wondering where to eat in Taipei? Raohe Night Market is IMHO, the best night market in Taipei because there is a wide selection of delicious food and lots of shopping activities here.

Make sure you drop by Ciyou Temple at the end of the market to see it all lit up in the evening. What to hike in Taipei? Click here to see some top things to eat in Taipei!

4. Learn about Taiwanese culture at the National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world, containing about 700,000 pieces of artifacts from ancient China. I have visited this place many times and because the museum has rotating exhibits, I can see new artworks every time I visit.

Two important things to see when you’re here include a piece of green jade sculpted to look like cabbage, and a piece of onyx sculpted to look like a piece of pork. The best time to visit is before 11 am (when all tourist buses arrive), or in the late afternoon.

5. Enjoy the spirit of Jiufen Old Town

Jiufen Old Town is one of the most popular day trips from Taipei. Jiufen is an old gold mining town famous for tea shops – don’t miss Ah Mei Teahouse and the beautiful Chinese lanterns hanging outside (famous for its Japanese animation, Spirited Away).

The famous Golden Waterfall is also near Jiufen, and it’s worth a quick stop by the road for a photo – the water is beautiful yellow due to the abundance of heavy metal mines beneath the riverbed.


6. Go to Shifen waterfall and Shifen old town

While you’re there, head to nearby Shifen to see its Old Town along the train tracks and the giant Shifen Waterfall. Shifen is extremely popular because you can drop lanterns in the paper sky here, but it’s not necessarily the most environmentally friendly thing (and sometimes they fly and get entangled in the overhead power cord).

While you’re here, you can also eat some local Taiwanese snacks such as: Crispy peanuts topped with homemade peanut ice cream, all wrapped in a thin Crepe.

You can get to places like Jiufen and Shifen by public transport, but there’s no direct connection and you often have to change between buses and trains. If you are short on time, want to make the most of day trips from Taipei, want to go to several different places in a day and don’t mind it, find a private driver for the day. DingTaxi is a travel booking site that offers various customized tour packages (as well as airport transfers) from a number of local car companies; You can expect to pay around US $ 100 for drivers and vehicles throughout the day (8 hours).

There are now many organized tours that you can join if you don’t have time, as well as discounts for restaurants, transportation and more. Click here to register!

7. Visiting Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, a famous photo spot in Taipei. The Memorial Hall is a national monument to commemorate the former Taiwanese president and sit in the Freedom Square in downtown Taipei. It is easily accessible by subway or bus.

8. Take the Gondola Maokong cable car in the tea fields

Another popular day trip from Taipei, Maokong is a tea-producing area high in the hills offering small teahouses and sweeping views below. The gondola cable car trip is short and sweet and is only steps from Taipei Zoo Zoo subway station. Once you’re there, make sure you try a local cup of tea and also try the delicate tea-flavored ice cream.

To go back or hop on a gondola cable car or take a thrilling shuttle bus along winding roads (not so if you’re prone to motion sickness, don’t say I didn’t warn you).

9. Go shopping at Ximending’s Red House

Ximen Red House was built in 1908 and was Taiwan’s first business market before being converted into a theater in 1945. This building is very beautiful and is currently an entertainment center with products of local artists and designers. Afterwards, head to the nearby main shopping street of Ximending to check out a lot of quirky shops.

10. Explore Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Built in 1914, this place was home to one of Taiwan’s largest winemakers during the 1920s. The space was later transformed into a performing and artistic venue. Today Huashan 1914 is a vast complex that serves as Taipei’s main creative arts center and event center for cultural exhibitions and festivals.

If you have more than 2 days in Taipei?

If you have 3 days or more in Taipei why not visit Sun & Green sunflower farm (Chinese website only) in Taoyuan? The best time to visit this sunflower field in Taipei is from May to October and free admission. There are many interesting dishes to try here, including sunflower ice cream, popfricles, or you can stay to use their baked goods. It can be difficult to get there by public transport – your best way is to take Uber or drive yourself.

There are many great accommodation options in Taipei – if you want to stay somewhere central in Xinyi and Zhongzheng districts. Click here for more accommodation options!

With Taiwan’s travel experience, I find that two days in Taipei are hardly enough time to experience everything it has to offer. So I recommend you spend more time visiting this beautiful city again!

What are some of your favorite things to do in Taipei? Share them with me in the comments section below!

Thank You!

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